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OldHall Caravan

What Makes Old Hall Caravan Park So Special for Our Residents?

Looking for a place to buy a holiday home? Old Hall Caravan Park is the perfect place to relax, as it is located in the heart of a private woodland.

Keeping Busy Out of Season

Here at Old Hall, you will find all of our facilities beautifully maintained, our lawns kept in top condition and spectacular views of the Lake District. Of course, we can’t take credit for the views, but we do work very … Continue reading

Four Things to Do Around Old Hall Caravan Park

Old Hall Park caravan park near the Lake District, in the peaceful and idyllic hamlet of Capernwray, the park is an ideal place to stay to get away from the hectic nature of modern life. There are many things to … Continue reading

Benefits of Holidaying in a Touring Caravan

Caravan Benefits: Why Choose a Touring Holiday? Whether you are already a fan of caravan touring holidays or not, there are some common misconceptions about them. But whether you dabble in a caravan holiday or two, the idea that they are … Continue reading

Welcome to Old Hall Caravan Park!

When the time to go on holiday finally comes, you want to spend it relaxing away from everything! Old Hall Caravan Park is set in a peaceful location surrounded by gorgeous landscapes and plenty of opportunities to explore nature, which … Continue reading

Staff Focus: Murphy Wightman

Murphy has been on the team at Old Hall for nearly 8 years now.  She excitedly welcomes any customer who walks in the door.  She is always quite vocal when a new friend arrives, but rest assured that any barking … Continue reading

Meet the Wightmans

Welcome to our new website! While you are here, we’d like to tell you a little bit about us. The Wightman family first came to live in Capernwray in the early 1900’s when Bertram Wightman was a tenant dairy and … Continue reading