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3 Reasons Why Your Children Will Benefit from Being in Nature

More and more children prefer to spend time indoors on the TV or with their video games than actually exploring their fenced-in yard, never mind the great outdoors! However, there are many studies (PDF) that point to the benefit of … Continue reading

Top 5 Hiking Tips for Beginners That Will Make You a Pro

Our caravan park in Lancashire and near the Lake District is perfect for anyone who loves hiking, whether they’re beginners or not. After all, it’s not only the areas that surround our caravan park that offer great spots for hiking; its … Continue reading

Bird Bath

What to See and Do: Sizergh Castle

Our caravan park near the Lake District and holiday homes have the benefit of sitting in a fantastic location, surrounded by great natural beauty and exciting attractions. When you stay at our caravan park, you are spoilt for choice with things to … Continue reading

Summertime Water Activities

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you are contemplating how many barbeques are too many (obviously, you can never have too many barbeques, and Lancashire food is certainly something you should try).

Wildlife Spotlight: Red Fox

Whether you are city-born or a country dweller at heart, no doubt the wildlife that you can find in both habitats add a special something to your day. The twittering of the birds, shuffles in the undergrowth and splashes in … Continue reading

Why You Should Spend Time in the Great Outdoors

Take advantage of the outdoors and enjoy everything nature has to offer! From beautiful sights that you have to see to believe (and water activities your family can enjoy) to the health benefits that fresh air can give you, spending … Continue reading