Lancashire’s gastronomical delights match the rich history and culture that characterises the county. Regional dishes are often hearty and still heavily influenced by tradition; Lancashire specialities range from savoury to sweet dishes, and from meat and fish to vegetarian recipes, which means there’s always something for everyone!

Take a look at five of the most popular Lancashire dishes you can enjoy when you visit:


Eccles Cakes

The Eccles cake received its name because of the town of Eccles. It’s a round, crumbly pastry filled with currants and other fruit; sometimes, demerara sugar is added to the top of the cakes for extra deliciousness! Although it is not known who created this fruit filled pastry, James Birch was the first to sell the cakes commercially in 1793.

Butter Pie

This savoury pie is a vegetarian dish that originated because Catholic workers could not eat meat on Fridays. Made from potatoes, onions, butter and seasonings, which are encased in pastry, this dish is hearty and takes like home.

Perfect to eat on every occasion, whether it’s raining outside or not, this dish even features in Paul McCartney’s song “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”!


Lancashire Hotpot

One of the most famous dishes in Lancashire and, in fact, the UK, is the hotpot! The ingredients are simple but make a warming and tasty recipe: lamb or mutton, onions and potatoes. This hearty dish originated in Lancashire, and the name comes from the pot it’s cooked in. Different regions will add other vegetables as well, like carrots and leeks.

The potatoes are thinly sliced and placed over onions and meat – after a trip to the oven, they become crispy and golden brown!

Black Peas

A traditional dish adored by many, black peas (or maple peas) are typically eaten on, or around, Bonfire Night. This tasty recipe is made from purple podded peas that are previously dried and soaked overnight; after simmering, they create a dish similar to mushy peas. Black peas are commonly served with malt vinegar.


Manchester Tart

Another dish for everyone with a sweet tooth! These tarts were invented in the 1800s and are unique in the way they look, as they can be immediately recognised at a glance, especially because of the Maraschino cherry on top. This shortcrust pastry dessert has a custard filling and is spread with raspberry jam; coconut flakes are added as a finishing touch and variations might include cream as well.

And there you have it, five delicious dishes that are popular in the Lancashire region – and in the rest of the country! Our perfectly located caravan park in Lancashire, near the Lake District, can offer you access to these culinary pleasures, so bring your caravan for a stay in our park, or stay in one of our holiday homes in Lancashire, and enjoy a few relaxing days – or more adventurous ones if you and your family want to try some adrenaline-filled water activities – trying out Lancashire’s delicious food.

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