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Coal BBQ Burning

BBQ Ideas For Your Next Holiday Home Visit

When the sun is shining and you’re visiting your holiday home, there is no more appealing thought than getting your BBQ up and running and enjoying some grilled food in the great outdoors. Here we will take a look at … Continue reading

Tasty afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea in the Lake District

There are plenty of places to enjoy afternoon tea in and around the Lake District, and in this article, we’re exploring some of the best places to visit when you’re travelling from our caravan park near the South Lakes. Booths … Continue reading

picnic bread croissant basket with fruit on red white cloth and vase flower with jar of orange juice

Spring Refresher Recipes – An Afternoon Tea Picnic

Nature is reaching its finest point at Old Hall Caravan Park near the Lake District, and what better way to enjoy this beautiful season than a homemade picnic? Here, we look at how to host the best spring picnic by … Continue reading

3 More Fantastic Restaurants in Local Lancashire

Eating out and enjoying local dishes is one of the many great things about going on holiday. From a butter pie to black pudding to Lancashire hot pot and Chorley cakes there is plenty of options to explore whilst staying … Continue reading

5 Famous Lancashire Dishes

Lancashire’s gastronomical delights match the rich history and culture that characterises the county. While being strong representations of the North West diet today, the regional dishes featured in this article are also heavily influenced by tradition. There’s something here for everyone, … Continue reading

Hot Apple Cider

Everyone living in Great Britain knows there’s not much that can’t be solved with a good cup of tea.  However, with the festive season upon us, we’re sure to have social calendars packed full of visitors, and perhaps you’d like … Continue reading

Winter Warmer: Elderberry Cordial

While it’s sad to say goodbye to the nice warm weather, there’s something incredibly cosy and comforting about putting on a wooly cardigan and snuggling up with a nice cup of tea by the fire when the weather starts to … Continue reading

Raspberry Mint Refresher

Everyone loves a glass of wine, beer or cider during the great British summer.  However, on the rare occasion that temperatures rise and it is actually hot, you might find that you are in the mood for something a bit … Continue reading