Take advantage of the outdoors and enjoy everything nature has to offer! From beautiful sights that you have to see to believe (and water activities your family can enjoy) to the health benefits that fresh air can give you, spending time outdoors offers a vast array of benefits that anyone can enjoy, from young children to older family members.

Take the whole family out for a holiday in nature and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards – whether that’s quality time spent with your loved ones or even mental and physical health improvements.

Less Stress

It’s not just the fresh air that can make you healthier. Spending time outdoors can restore your mental health and reduce your stress levels. If you experience a lot of stress in your daily lives, having a break from the bustle of the city can help you recharge your batteries – helping you to get your mind back in gear by exposing it to the relaxing and restorative environment that is nature.

Being surrounded by greenery can lower your cortisol levels, a hormone that is used as a stress marker. Your heart rate will lower and you’ll feel happier in general as well!

Better Memory and Concentration

Incredibly, being outdoors helps your short-term memory and makes you more focused. Your short-term memory can improve up to 20% just by going on a nature walk due to how restorative the outdoors is.

Your concentration will be higher too, which can help you in your everyday life, especially at work!  It can also help children with ADHD, who can focus better after spending just 20 minutes in a park.

Boost Creativity

A study found that if you are immersed in nature for longer periods of time, you can improve your creative problem-solving skills by 50%. Head outdoors if you need an injection of creativity in your day to day life, and if you want to come back from a relaxing holiday ready to take on the world with your newfound creativity!

Improves Quality of Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, spending a few days basking in the glory of nature can help you. Our circadian rhythms are connected to nature, a remnant from our primal past when we spent all of our time surrounded by trees. Sleeping outdoors can help you regulate this internal mechanism, then, and ensure that your disrupted sleep patterns go back to normal.

Better Vision

The average adult spends many hours each day staring at a screen, whether it’s a computer or a phone. Being outdoors can lighten this burden and alleviate blurred and double vision, as well as migraines and red eyes. In addition, spending more time outdoors is associated with lower levels of myopia.

Here at Old Hall Caravan Park, we offer the perfect range of holiday homes in Lancashire for you to explore the outdoors in all its splendour. With our caravan park close to the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District you will never run out of places to explore. Our park’s location provides beautiful views of the surrounding nature and wildlife, so you can go on walks, explore nooks and crannies and breathe in the fresh air!

Get in touch with our friendly team if and we’ll help you unwind while surrounded by the happy sounds of birds and the vibrancy of the trees and flowers all around you. Our caravan park in Lancashire has plenty of stunning surroundings; you will be keen to get out and about as soon you arrive!

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