Another year, another Christmas. Which means that 2017 is now upon us! With it comes new hopes, goals, and hundreds of different possibilities. Of course, deciding what these New Year Resolutions should be is sometimes very difficult. After all, you’ll only break them at the first opportunity. But, that doesn’t have to be the case! Choosing goals with an element of fun involved – as resolutions often feel like a chore – can be all the motivation that you need!

What goals should be on your bucket list for the upcoming year? And how can we here at Old Hall help you achieve this?

Reach Your Peak

Every year, so it seems, we promise ourselves that we will become healthier. Sometimes you might not feel the motivation to go to the gym, but exercise with a view is a much more motivating form of exercise! So, climbing a peak or two in the Lake District is the perfect way to achieve this goal.


If you’re a beginner to walking, then there are a number of easier Fells that are perfect to get you started in the Lake District. The easiest is, by far, Cat Bells. A two-hour walk, top to bottom, this peak measures a respectable 451 metres. The perfect first peak in your walking career. There are also some amazing views of the surrounding towns such as Keswick, so don’t forget to take a camera!

Or do you fancy a view of the Isle of Man? Binsey is the goal for you in that case, as this rather small peak stands at 242 metres and yet offers a view straight across the ocean! It may be modest, but it can offer the best view in the whole of the Lake District.

Get Back to Nature

Here at Old Hall, we are lucky to not only be close to the Lake District but also the Forest of Bowland. Described as the “Switzerland of England”, this is an expansive area of valleys and peat moorland. It offers amazing views for miles and some of the freshest air, a perfect cure for the noise and smells of city living.

Torugh of Bowland

Bowland is also the home of the hen harrier, an endangered bird of prey. Their population was greatly decreased in the 1970s because of eating harmful pesticides, an event which they are still recovering from today. However, they are often known as the ‘good’ hawk and are liked by farmers as they eat predators of quail eggs and mice that damage many crops. So, the conservation of these birds is of utmost importance in the area. A great sight for any of you bird brains out there to catch!

Hen Harrier

Try New Food

Have you enjoyed your Christmas dinner this year? But it’s been a little bit same old, same old? Then you should consider trying new, local, delicacies as part of your New Year’s Resolution. Sometimes we are all so busy trying the most exotic flavours on the market, it is easy to forget about some of the amazing homegrown flavours that can be found here in the North!

Meat cooking on the barbecue outdoors.

Have you ever tried a Cumberland sausage? Not unless you have tried it in Cumbria! Plenty of supermarkets and companies have tried to replicate the amazing flavours of this local delicacy. But, with a meat content sometimes as low as 40% they don’t come up pork scratchings at all. You need to try the authentic taste of a real Cumberland sausage to appreciate it!

traditional Liverpudlian scouse in white bowl

Or you could try a hearty northern Scouse. From the heart of Liverpool, this is a bit like an Irish stew and is a dish enjoyed throughout the north of England. Served with a helping of red cabbage and a bread roll, this is a dish that will keep you warm even in the coldest of weather! The perfect end to all of your adventure-filled days.

Are you ready to start your 2017 bucket adventures? Then book today! To find out more information about what our caravan park in Lancashire offers, you can contact us on 01524 733276 and we can answer any enquiries you may have.

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