The Yorkshire Dales is a true gem of the North of England, with beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see, stunning wildlife everywhere, and plenty to see and do! Located in the Pennines and in the historic county of Yorkshire, most of the Dales can be found in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, which attracts 8 million visitors every year and covers an area of 2178 km2 (841 square miles).

Old Hall’s location in Carnforth, which is between the South Lakes and the Yorkshire Dales makes it the perfect base to explore the gorgeous natural area. Take a look at what you will be able to see and do when you visit this amazing caravan park. 

Bolton Abbey Estate

Located in the heart of the Dales, Bolton Abbey Estate is a must-see when visiting the area. Is it considered the ‘jewel in the crown’ of Yorkshire, with stunning natural beauty and 80 miles of footpaths which you can hike (whether you’re a beginner or experienced).

In this breath-taking location, you can also explore the ruins of the Priory and the scenery surrounding it, which is rich in history and culture. You will find yourself enjoying a very special day out with all the family as you discover the woodland and the riverside paths, and enjoy an afternoon tea in the tea rooms and cafés. The landscapes here are so beautiful that they have inspired artists like Turner and Wordsworth.

Forbidden Corner

Visiting “the strangest place in the world” will certainly make for a unique holiday or day out. The Forbidden Corner is a folly garden that is perfect for everyone, from the little ones to the oldest members of the family and is comprised of four acres nestled in Tupgill Park and the Yorkshire Dales.

Brimming with secrets, oddities and tricks, you won’t forget your visit to the Forbidden Corner anytime soon and will, no doubt, enjoy the labyrinth of tunnels, chambers and surprises. The temple of the underworld, the eye of the needle, passages that lead nowhere, a pyramid made of glass, and so much more, make this amazing location a fun challenge too. You can end your adventure with award-winning pies and cakes at their Corner Café!

Ingleton Waterfalls Walk

This has been a popular tourist attraction for more than a century, with many visitors all year round coming to see the beautiful scenery and hike the trail. You’ll be able to enjoy amazing sights as you climb up alongside the river and return through a different gorge, discovering the many waterfalls along the way. The woodland areas are also worthwhile, as they are even part of a larger site of special scientific interest.

And the landscapes are not just limited to waterfalls! Many other elements come together to create a truly unique scenery, such as limestone rocks, cliffs, wych elm and semi-ancient oak-birch trees, Silurian slate, moss and brown trout leaping up the waterfalls.

Malham Cove

One of the most visited locations in the park, Malham Cove is a stunning 70-metre (230 feet) high cliff made from white limestone, which has proven to be a popular attraction for many years. It has a past dipped in history as Malham was likely covered by ice three different times in the last 1.5 million years – those glaciers pulled rock away from the face of the cove and floods of water eroded it, which created a unique, slightly curving landscape.

Pendragon Castle

Now a ruin in the Mallerstang Valley, Pendragon Castle is another site that should not be missed! Brimming with history and legend, this castle is said to have been built by Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur, in the 5th century – though history does not support this legend, as the castle only appears to have been built in the 12th century, this is still a great location and story you can share with your family on a day out.

While the castle is situated on private land, you can still enjoy its sight and walk around the castle walls.

There is so much more to see and do at our Yorkshire Dales caravan park, so you will probably want to come back to explore it all! With caravan parks in Lancashire, we’re always here to provide the perfect base from where you can explore the Dales and other surrounding areas, so contact us or give us a call on +44(0)1524 733276 to learn more about staying at Old Hall.

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