Located on Morecambe Bay and near Cumbria, Silverdale is part of the Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and it’s protected by the National Trust. Before the River Kent changed its natural course in the 1920s to approximately four miles away, Silverdale was situated on the river. Filled with wildlife and beautiful flora, Silverdale’s history is tied to its old land, now protected by the National Trust.

Our beautiful caravan park in Lancashire is located only 20 minutes away by car from Carnforth, and you can easily have a wonderful day out in Silverdale followed by a visit to the surrounding towns, such as Lancaster, and the gorgeous Lake District.


What to Do In Silverdale


The Wolfhouse Gallery

Established almost 50 years ago and run by Wyn Abbot Ceramics, the Wolfhouse Gallery has beautiful views of the surrounding scenery and of Morecambe Bay. Its name originates from the legend that Humphrey Head – the area which the Wolfhouse overlooks – is where the last wolf of England was killed.

From ceramics to jewellery and local art, you can find unique gifts for your loved ones, as many items are handcrafted at the Wolfhouse Gallery by Wyn Abbot Ceramics.


RSPB’s Leighton Moss Nature Reserve

As the largest reed bed in England’s northwest area, Leighton Moss provides the opportunity to see beautiful animals such as birds and otters in their natural habitat. Any nature lover needs to take a stroll alongside the coastal lagoons, catching glimpses of the water birds and other local animals. It’s the perfect day out for the little ones, as they take in the wonderful scenery and learn about both flora and fauna.


Bird on Feeder 2


The Pepper Pot

Situated in Eaves Wood, the Pepper Pot was once named the Pepper Box. Built in 1887 by a local resident named Mr Bowskill, it’s a commemoration of the Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee of the accession to the throne. The Pepper Pot is located at the highest point of King William’s Hill at a height of 250 feet above sea level. It’s circular and made of stone, and approximately 20 feet in height. Eaves Wood has some of the most stunning views of the Yorkshire Dales and the Bowland Fells. Part of the National Trust, its ancient woodlands are populated with ferns and Lily-of-the-valley.

Our peaceful caravan park near the Lake District will offer you the ideal location to spend your holiday and park your touring caravan, providing stunning views of Lancashire. For more information about our park, simply get in touch with our friendly team by giving us a call on +44 (0)1524 733276; we’re always happy to answer any query you might have!

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