With some of our properties being on the threshold of three beautiful counties, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria, a stay with us can provide ample activities whilst still offering the countryside’s tranquillity.

However, if you intend to venture out for a day of sightseeing, incredible food, and feel the sand between your toes, then there is no closer place to visit the seaside than the historically nicknamed Bradford-On-Sea.

Morecambe is a reasonably new town compared to its surrounding village of Heysham, dating back to the 15th century. The new town on the block expanded in 1889 to encompass the villages of Bare, Torrisholme and Poulton. Over the years, it has seen a rise and fall in tourism, but with promises of the new Eden Project, Morecambe is a town on the up once more, so if you plan to stay in one of our caravan parks near the Lake District, try to find the time to take a  trip into Morecambe.

Incredible Food, Incredible Views

Morecambe prides itself on its local establishments and local produce like many modest towns. Travelling from the town hall and to the battery, the promenade is dotted with local hotels, restaurants and bars. Most of them are independently run and are very welcoming.

Pop into Black Stone Grill and Thai for an incredible steak meal or delicious Thai food. Their steaks are fresh and supplied by a local butcher. However, whilst they provide excellent food, they also offer the experience of cooking your food to your preference with a personal stone grill delivered to your table. Cook your food your way with their mouth-watering meals.

If you are looking for a meal with a view of the beautiful Morecambe Bay, there are plenty of facilities with outdoor space situated prom-side. However, suppose you are truly looking for somewhere special. In that case, The Midland Hotel, located on the promenade, can provide you with excellent quality meals and an overlook of the incredible sights the Bay has to offer.

Other establishments offering luscious food include The Morecambe Hotel, Saffron Restaurant, and Blue Mountain Restaurant.

Whilst Morecambe offers some great food, they also offer more traditional “Pub-Grub”. The Station has ample outdoor seating for dining alfresco, but be sure to bring a jacket; the prom can be extremely bitter, no matter what the time of year is once the wind lifts there can be a chill. Of course, if you are looking for pub food more central to the town, The Kings Arms is located directly opposite the promenade and in the centre of Morecambe. There are also several fast-food restaurants and The Eric Bartholomew pub situated more centrally to the town.

Take a Tour of Morecambe’s Oldest Theatre

The Winter Gardens in Morecambe first opened in 1897 as the Victoria Pavilion Concert Hall and Variety Theatre. With a seating capacity of 2500, the building was the largest theatre in the northwest in its heyday. It contained some of the most luxurious features and hosted a variety of big names such as Dame Julie Andrews, The Who and Chung Ling Soo.

Unfortunately, the building became a victim of a downfall in Morecambe’s tourism climate in the late 70s. This decline in funds saw the complex close in 1977. The original complete winter gardens were demolished in 1982, leaving only the theatre intact. 

As the threat to demolish the theatre circled, a group of dedicated individuals came together and formed an organisation called the Friends of the Winter Gardens, which have worked hard for many years with fundraising and support to help re-open the building to its former glory.

While continuing with their work, they provide guided tours of the building, showcasing its full beauty and their work to restore it. Often they will provide shows such as the Yorkshire Silent Film Festival and other live acts; for full details of what’s on, you can visit their webpage.

There’s No Business Like Show Business

With Morecambe being known for its comedic national treasure Eric Morecambe, it is often full of festivals, events and shows. Several venues across the town host local and national shows, often for a fraction of a city show ticket price.

The Platform is Morecambe’s most popular venue, with acts from all over the world and for all genres. If you are looking to stay in our caravan park in Lancashire, check for what shows may be on for your visit.

Another hidden gem of Morecambe is More Music. This musical venue features bands from across the UK. It often hosts various festivals and events for all the family, including the Creative West End’s “More than a Market” – a collaboration of local crafts and sellers with interactive workshops and locally made food.

A Town Full of Art

Morecambe may seem humble but has a large variety of works of art throughout the town. From the collection of birds along the stone jetty to the incredible stonework as you cross the road.

However, the most recent works of stunning artwork belong to the hoarding on the old Frontierland. After years of neglect, the land was left to fall apart and became an eyesore in the town. A local artist took it upon himself to brighten up the garish blue hoarding with a late Dame Thora Hird portrait. Since then, the project has grown in momentum and gained both attention and funding from the UK. The collection grows with each week and so far is around 80 boards.

The most famous art piece in the town still lies firmly with the icon of Morecambe; The Eric Morecambe Statue. No matter the weather or time of the year, you will see plenty of visitors standing aside him hopping on one leg as someone takes the picture. A great activity to save memories.

And, of course, a trip to Morecambe is not complete without a visit to the beach, but be sure to dust off before coming back to one of our touring caravan sites in Lancashire. You may be finding sand for months to come.

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