The kids are free for half term and they’re expecting you to provide the entertainment. You’re already taking them to Old Hall and you don’t have to venture far to keep your kids busy for free. We’ve prepared a list of fun, free things to do during your stay with us!

Group Of Children Running In Park

Back to Basics

There’s a reason that games like ‘I Spy’ and ‘Tig’ have endured for so long, and it’s because they are wholesome and fun games that children love, irrelevant of the generation. Playing athletic games such as Tig will help to tire your kids out if they often suffer from ‘I don’t want to go to bed’ syndrome, making your life that much easier in the evening.


Another fun and free thing to do with your kids is to take them on a walk. We’ve recently added a new section to our woodland walk, which means there’s even more space to explore! Even if it rains, that means puddles, and puddles mean jumping and splashing which most kids love. If you have some paper beforehand, you could set your kids the challenge of crafting a boat that will float in any deep puddles that you might find on your walk! If the weather is nice, you can have a picnic and enjoy the crisp autumn air with your kids, while you munch happily on sandwiches and fruit.

muddy wellies

Lastly, Old Hall caravan park in Lancashire also have a children’s play area on site, so if they’re still full of beans at the end of the day, you can tire them out here.

Some Materials Required

Little girl making Christmas cards on wooden background

Another way you could spice up your holiday is by combining ‘I Spy’ with pen and paper into a scavenger hunt! With the success of the mobile game Pokémon Go, it has become clear that kids love to go out and find creatures in the wild. You can replicate this game on pen and paper by making them a checklist of things they should try to find during their stay, such as sheep, cows, conkers, bees, twenty people with backpacks, etc. This list will keep them entertained and on the look out all holiday.
There are plenty of games which can be played with pen and paper, such as tic tac toe and hangman. Access to some pens and paper can provide endless fun and games. Your child may also enjoy drawing the inside of your caravan or keeping a diary full of hand-drawn pictures, and making a scrapbook that will encourage them to remember the holiday what a fun time you had at our caravan park.

Photpbook.Open photo book. New photo books stack

Free Events, No Petrol

Lastly, if you’re staying with Old Hall on the 3rd of November, you should be aware that Capernwray Diving Centre (an easy ten-minute walk from our caravan site) is hosting a fireworks display which is free to watch. The event will also provide free cake, sweets and sparklers. What more could your kids want?

fireworks night sky

Whatever your plans are during your stay at Old Hall caravan park in Lancashire, there is always plenty of family-friendly fun to be had; and if all else fails, we have fast free wi-fi.

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