The Eden Project North is set to revolutionise the landscape of Morecambe into a cultural centre for Cumbria. In this blog, we’re going to look at how far the Eden project has come, how much more is left until the project is finished, and Morecambe’s current attractions for visitors and tourists.

Beautiful Morecambe Sunset

Morecambe Seafront

The Purpose of the Eden Project

The Eden Project is fundamentally about building stronger communities and developing areas. The Eden Project is especially concerned with creating sustainable projects that can bring communities together, such as their gardening activities dedicated to bringing grandparents and grandchildren closer together.

The Eden Project HQ is located in Cornwall, in a former quarry. This pit has been renovated to create a paradise of beautiful biomes that offer insight into the potential of our planet’s sustainable resources. You can trace the Eden Project’s modern, science-fiction-esque designs to the 1990s, where the Eden Project first began as a set of blueprints and ideas.

The decision to build in bubble-shapes, straight into a pit has meant that the Eden Project has faced many challenges during its creation. One of the first substantial challenges faced was the immense amount of rain that collected in the construction site for the first site. This meant that a sizable drainage system was created and installed.

Eden Project Cornwall

Eden Project, Cornwall

The Northern Project is scheduled to open in 2023, 23 years later than the first site opened in Cornwall. The proposal for the Eden Project North is over £85m, will bring over 4,000 new jobs, and is expected to elevate the surrounding area substantially. The expectation for the submission of the planning application is early 2021, but the project has been busy attaining other assessments to ensure that the eventual construction is smooth and eco-friendly.


Recent News Regarding the Eden Project North

Most recently, the EP North has attained a land deal for the design, planning and development of the project. (theconstructionindex). The project is working alongside local universities and councils to bring the best experience for locals and visitors, during and after the construction phase.

Gill Haigh, managing director of Cumbria Tourism, said:

“Sustainability and greener tourism practices are becoming more of a priority for both domestic and international visitors and we’re ensuring that local businesses receive the very best advice on how they and their customers can protect the planet.”

The Eden Project North is a chance for Morecambe and nearby Northern towns to better educate themselves on green practices. The site is also expected to bring in around 760k visitors per year to boost the local economy.


The History of Morecambe

Morecambe has a lot of history, it’s the hometown of two of the nation’s most beloved comedians – Morecambe and Wise – as well as being a UK beach tourist destination to rival Blackpool. With the commencement of the Eden Project North, the area is expected to become more uptown and a trendy place for tourists.

Eric Morecambe statue

The Midland Hotel remains an art deco masterpiece, having been carefully restored in recent years. It is now a lovely place to visit for an afternoon tea with friends or family, as is the award-winning promenade.

There are also various art installations scattered across the bay as a result of the TERN project, which seeks to celebrate Morecambe with artsy statues of the local wildlife. These additions make the walk along the bay a cultural experience as well as a good form of exercise.

If you’re travelling away from our caravan park, you can make a full day of it by driving back through the historic town of Lancaster. If you choose to make a stop at Lancaster, we recommend getting a tour of the castle or walking the well-maintained grounds of Ashton Memorial.


How Far from Old Hall Caravan Park to Morecambe?

Our caravan park is nestled in the rural landscape of Capernwray, less than half an hour’s drive from lively Morecambe. Our caravan park in Lancashire is also a caravan park near Morecambe. Enquire with us about our selection of caravans if you’re looking to buy a holiday home in our area. We also have easy connections to the rest of Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales – the North West of England is easy to explore from our park.


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